What we do

With our extensive expertise and connections, New Black Consulting helps clients navigate the complex world of product design, sourcing, licensing and overseas manufacturing.


Clients enlist our services at different stages, depending on their needs. Some come to us requiring a complete solution, from the inception of an original design to the market launch of a finished product. Others wish to source or license an existing product, or simply find the right factory in Asia or across the globe.


Intelligent design that’s optimised for efficient production.  That’s what we pride ourselves on delivering.

The Supportive Schoolbag

Designing a range of backpacks for school students is no simple task. Children and teenagers experience major, sporadic periods of growth, and boys and girls grow in different ways. Yet, a single school bag is expected to last a student for many years.


The solution we devised to this problem was one based on flexibility. Awarded a prestigious Australian Design Mark, our SAS Academic® school bags incorporate a built-in, fully adjustable 1-2-3 harness system. This can be altered as the child grows, ensuring the bag is always positioned correctly and distributes weight through the hips. There are also specific design features to suit the needs of boys and girls.


Endorsed by the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australia (COCA), SAS Academic® is a prime example of how design can be used to solve a real-world problem.

An Excellent Adventure

There are many different ways to experience the world, from weekend camping trips to life changing overseas adventures. We wanted to create a travel & outdoor range that catered to the whole spectrum, both in terms of quality and price. The result was Explore Planet Earth®. Since first created in 2004, Explore Planet Earth® has evolved to comprise three complete product ranges.


What makes these ranges special is the fact that, while they’re underpinned by a consistent brand strategy, each one has its own distinct style, designed to appeal to a specific audience. Galaxy is our entry-level range, and carries a fun, youthful flavour. Voyager is our most premium range, designed for seasoned travellers. Finally, there’s Metropolis, which sits between the two, delivering premium features combined with style.


Explore Planet Earth® products range from rucksacks, daypacks and travel packs to sleeping bags and luggage. Even the famous Speedy Tent® was created to sit comfortably as part of the range. But with new innovations, improvements and additions constantly in progress, the adventure is far from over.



With contacts across Asia and the rest of the globe, we can deliver the right product for you.


Smart, Specific sourcing

While New Black Consulting is not a promotional item company, we do have the benefit of contacts throughout Asia, including China, Vietnam, India and Taiwan. This can prove invaluable when it comes to sourcing specific products.


In recent years we have responded to a growing number of sourcing briefs from different industries, often requiring complex or unusual goods to be located from around the world.  In every case, our focus is always on finding the right product for the right price, at the high quality clients expect from us.


Finding a product that really reflects your brand’s identity can be a real coup. Our experience in matching products to brands can help us add significant value in this process.